Earlham Street Clubhouse, Covent Garden, London

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Earlham Street Clubhouse brings the preppy American feel of an East Coast beach club to the heart of Covent Garden. Earlham Street Clubhouse mixes upmarket elegance with light-hearted pleasure-seeking, offering sophisticated cocktails alongside award winning pizza, and classic style alongside retro seaside colour.

Designed by Matt Rawlinson of the award-winning Raw Design, this 160 capacity basement venue combines classic clubhouse interiors with vintage boardwalk glamour. Reclaimed wood panelling, exposed brick and battered suede seating sit alongside recycled tin advertising signs and Coney Island fairground lights.

The bar stretching along one side of the venue is clad with Victorian mahogany doors and a bespoke copper top, and fitted with retractable cocktail menus attached to the ceiling. Booths hidden down secret passages are fitted out with their own phones and boast a vintage gas pump serving ice cold beer directly to the table.

The Earlham Street Clubhouse features an extensive cocktail list all prepared with premium spirits and fresh ingredients, and served in beautiful glassware. Looking to the famous parties of The Hamptons for inspiration, the list features inventive twists on the American classics, with a selection of punches, coolers, sea-breezes, and margaritas.  Cocktails are priced from £7.50 whilst a schooner of beer and a glass of wine start at £4.

Accompanying the drink offering will be a selection of New York thin crust pizzas, wood fired and created by the award winning Chef Toni. Using only high quality, seasonal ingredients, the pizzas are made with a healthy, delicious sourdough base and feature toppings such as pulled pork, salmon, fennel sausage and baby kale. Sold in 12” and 20” sizes, the pizzas are perfect for tearing and sharing, and range from £10 – £18.

Earlham Street Clubhouse, Cove

35 Earlham Street
Covent Garden

Monday to Saturday 12pm – Midnight

Sunday 12pm – 11:30pm

Best for: Pizza and Cocktails
Covent Garden
Pizza & Crodough (a cross between a donut and a croissant)

The Concierge CircleEarlham Street Clubhouse, Covent Garden, London