Galante, Kensington, London

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Inspired by SANTIAGO ‘PICHÍN’ POLICASTRO, The most distinguished bartender in Argentine history, Galante combines old school glamour and contemporary sophistication
We offer a range of authentic cocktails from the 1930s and 40s alongside a selection of innovative drinks with an Argentine heritage.

Santiago Policastro or ‘Pichín’, was renowned throughout Latin America both for his remarkable drinks, which have inspired generations of bartenders, and for the inimitable style that earned him the name ‘El Barman Galante’.

Located in the heart of South Kensington, the art-deco influenced bar evokes the dazzling cocktail era of Buenos Aires but with a chic, contemporary elegance. All elements of the experience – from the menu and cocktails through to the uniforms, service ethic and interior design – mirror this innovative fusion of style.


87 Sloane Avenue

Monday to Friday 5pm – Midnight
Saturday 3pm – Midnight
Sunday 3pm – 11pm

Best for: Cocktails, Location

South Kensington
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