To guarantee constant and outstanding Member Satisfaction at all times throughout your Membership”

The Concierge Circle is committed to providing:


We will ensure YOUR contact with our The Concierge Circle at all times is:


  • ‘Round-the-clock’ instant access to send a request to one of our membership professionals who are experienced, efficient, and devoted to bringing service brilliance to YOU, 365 days a year.
  • Universal Membership Level provides a reactive service with a limit of 5 requests per month.
  • Half Circle Membership Level provides a reactive service with a limit of 10 requests per month.
  • Full Circle Membership Level provides a reactive, and also a proactive service making suggestions based on previous requests. The amount of requests is unlimited.


  • Once a request is submitted WE will either make the booking etc, take payment if needs be or agree a deadline to come back to YOU by.
  • Lifestyle applicable – Universal and Half Circle membership are ONLY email based requests, but there are times when WE need to contact YOU via other methods dictated by request-type (e.g. last minute, important, emergency). Full Circle membership allows YOU to request us by any method of communication.
  • We will provide with EVERY REQUEST a confirmation that we have received the REQUEST and a confirmation that WE have executed the REQUEST and if applicable a reminder of any specific booking arrangements, cancellation policy, booking reference numbers and booking terms and conditions.
  • Keeping YOU updated on request status as often as necessary to keep YOU properly informed.


  • Polite & fully trained team.
  • Friendly & tailored – demonstrating character & personality, not ‘robotic’ or ‘call-centre-like’ following set scripts.


  • WE will provide ‘Our Inside Knowledge’ and impartial supplier recommendations, based on our experience.
  • Source of various information, from recommending places to visit, wine, dine or spend time, to providing appropriate alternate choices should YOUR first selection not be available.
  • Offering continuing, added-value supplier benefits to YOU, be it saving you time, money, or both!


  • Management & execution of YOUR requests with the maximum sensitivity, caution and discretion and understanding at all times.


  • Available for YOUR feedback via email on:
  • WE will keep you updated regarding the current complaint; YOU will not need to chase us.
  • Have a detailed discussion post complaint to ensure YOU are continuously satisfied.


  • WE will contact YOU periodically to ask your feedback during the duration of your membership to ensure YOU are continuously satisfied with the quality service WE provide.
  • WE provide spontaneous membership surveys occasionally that are designed to help us understand how to help you better.
  • WE welcome any new ideas to make The Concierge Circle more efficient please email:

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.

The Concierge CircleService Promise